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Flowers of the Orient COMBINATIONS Kit


New: A combination of exotic and sensual flowers from Thailand created to bring back the passion into one’s life. 8 Essence blends for today's needs in kit form

Price: £40.83 (£49.00 Inc. VAT)

Flowers of the Orient ORIGINAL Kit


The original range of 8 essences
To create this range Clare was lead to journey throughout the Orient, which included Bali, Phuket and in particular special areas in main land Thailand, which is a country lush with exquisitely perfumed blooms, invokes Quan Yin, the Chinese goddess of grace, beauty, love and femininity.
Price: £40.83 (£49.00 Inc. VAT)

Flowers of the Orient DNA decode/recode Kit


New: The De coding - re-coding DNA Kit of 8 Essences.
BOUGAINVILLEA : Creates a direct re- connection with your spiritual self
SACRED BANYAN TREE: A decoder which helps to re build, re invent your selves.
HIBISCUS: Calms the nerves, stabilizes the inner core
RED TORCH BUTTON GINGER: Regeneration & repatriation with spirit
PARAKEET PARADISE FLOWER: Creates space for renewal and fresh hope
WHITE & PINK LOTUS: creates the totality of what it means to be a human spirit!
WHITE ORCHID QUEEN OF THE NIGHT: re-connection with true self.
WHITE SPIDER LILY: multi leveled protection during transition.
Price: £40.83 (£49.00 Inc. VAT)

Full Set of 68 Essences


Price: £495.83 (£595.00 Inc. VAT)

Popular Kit of 36 esences


This set of Single Flower stock essences consist of the 36 most popular Flower Essences of Australia essences in 25ml frosted bottles housed in a single hand crafted white lime washed wood box especially designed to complement this range of essences. Designed for both practitioner and home use.
Price: £274.17 (£329.00 Inc. VAT)

Kinesiology Kit - 42 single + 12 combination essences


Kinesiology kits are designed for Flower Essences practitioners, Naturopaths, Homeopaths and Kinesiologists etc. who work with muscle testing or any other form of diagnostic tool e.g. Vega machines etc. and like to use test kits. This kit comes in an attractive flat box with 42 glass vials (1.75ml) of single stock essences and 12 vials of combination essences.in the process of choosing the right remedy or combination of essences for their clients.

This kit comes in an attractive flat box with 42 glass vials (1.75ml) of single stock essences and 12 vials of combination essences.
Price: £133.33 (£160.00 Inc. VAT)

Jaguar Essence Set


A range made by Clare G Harvey International Flower Essences expert, (“flower shaman” as her native shaman friends call her) and her mother, a Shamanka, Medicine Woman and Healer of both the North and South Native American Traditions.

After teaching essences to the Shamanka workshops the instruction came through to Clare that a set of Jaguar Essences should be made designed specifically for the students and any other budding flower shamans, for use during healings, ceremonial practices, for clients and any other forms of transformational purposes
Price: £40.83 (£49.00 Inc. VAT)


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