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with Clare G Harvey
Date: Sunday, Sept 24th

A range made by Clare G Harvey International Flower Essences expert, (“flower shaman” as her native shaman friends call her) and her mother, a Shamanka, Medicine Woman and Healer of both the North and South Native American Traditions. After teaching essences to the Shamanka workshops the instruction came through to Clare that a set of Jaguar Essences should be made designed specifically for the students and any other budding flower shamans, for use during healings, ceremonial practices, for clients and any other forms of transformational purposes

There are now new categories of essences ranges emerging that are purely energetically down loaded from Spirit. This particular range of essences has proved to be a very succinct and powerful set of essences. Thousands of years ago, at the beginning of the long count, before Ex Balanque (esh baa lan ke meaning “black jaguar” or “Star Jaguar) lived its golden age where the Jaguar was part of the creation myth, a supernatural being and a sacred emblem of the Mesoamericans especially Maya & Peruvian shamans,who revered the Jaguar ‘Jaguara’ as a spirit companion or nagual, protector from threatening forces & spirits while transforming, crossing over to and moving backward & forwards between the earthly world and the spirit realm. Jaguar is the earth father, lord and fierce protector over the sacred power of and in mother earth, and guardian of the animals that live upon her. Ancient and powerful shape-shifter: The Spirit of the Jaguar is the gatekeeper to the unknowable, holder of the mysteries of the rain-forest, keeper of the circular time continuum, fertility and life itself. We will be exploring this unique set of essences and be taken on a journey with the the Jaguar.

Clare, who is a third generation healer, has a flourishing consultancy on Harley Street, for over twenty years she has travelled the world to expand her knowledge and offer healing to a diverse international clientele. Clare is also a respected and proficient teacher and author whose works include the highly acclaimed ? The New Encyclopaedia of Flower Remedies?, which was selected by Kindred Spirit as the ?Complementary Medicine Book of the Year?.

We look forward to seeing you there

Price: £83.33 (£100.00 inc VAT)

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The Practitioner's ENCYCLOPEDIA
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The definitive practical guide to their making & uses

by Clare G Harvey

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