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Workshops Featuring Flowers of the Orient Essences 1
Workshops Featuring Flowers of the Orient Essences 1

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Date: Sunday, July 16th

Venue: Hedgerley Memorial Hall,
Kiln Lane, Hedgerely,
Bucks, SL2 3UZ

First in a series of Workshops
featuring the Flowers of the Orient

This workshop will be exploring the Flowers of the Orient essences solely from a woman's perspective, re connecting with the sacred inner wisdom and spirit of woman's true nature.

This series of practical and theoretical workshops have been designed by Clare G. Harvey to inspire and guide practitioners of alternative medicine who wish to experiment with the numerous ways in which flower essences can enhance their healing skills.

The Flowers of the Orient range has a special energy appropriate for women. They have been developed by Clare G Harvey in response to a journey to Thailand, a land lush with exquisitely perfumed blooms. In its purest unadulterated form, Thailand is a deeply powerful and sensual land the calls to a woman's inner beauty.The essences were made at a sacred site in beautiful garden's with pagodas dedicated to Quan Yin, the Chinese goddess of grace, beauty, love and femininity.

As Clare further journeyed to the orient the range has since developed to include combination blends, tailored made kits and essences that work on the DNA and shifting consciousness..

Clare, who is a third generation healer, has a flourishing consultancy on Harley Street, for over twenty years she has travelled the world to expand her knowledge and offer healing to a diverse international clientele. Clare is also a respected and proficient teacher and author whose works include the highly acclaimed ? The New Encyclopaedia of Flower Remedies?, which was selected by Kindred Spirit as the ?Complementary Medicine Book of the Year?.

We look forward to seeing you there

Price: 83.33 (100.00 inc VAT)

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