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Chakra Rebalancer (Combination)
Chakra Rebalancer (Combination)
The rebalancers are a combination of all eight remedies specially formulated to harmonising the energies of the chakras, assisting with their stability and realignment. The sun rebalance particularly strengthens and nourishes while activating what we are aware of in the present, at a conscious level. Whilst the moon rebalance reflects what is going on at the subconscious level. By using both combinations the two aspects of inner and outer (male and female) are brought together in an alchemical Dance of Light. Any disruption in the coordination of this alchemical dance creates an instability that contains within it the seeds of disease. These sound rebalancers activate the cells innate ability to recoordinate itself, readjusting and holding the correct dynamic pattern, as we move through the discord of daily life.
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