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Jaguar Essence Set
Jaguar Essence Set
here are now new categories of essences ranges emerging that are purely energetically down loaded from Spirit. This particular range of essences has proved to be a very succinct and powerful set of essences.

Thousands of years ago, at the beginning of the long count, before Ex Balanque (esh baa lan ke meaning �black jaguar� or �Star Jaguar) lived its golden age where the Jaguar was part of the creation myth, a supernatural being and a sacred emblem of the Mesoamericans especially Maya & Peruvian shamans,who revered the Jaguar �Jaguara� as a spirit companion or nagual, protector from threatening forces & spirits while transforming, crossing over to and moving backward & forwards between the earthly world and the spirit realm.

Jaguar is the earth father, lord and fierce protector over the sacred power of and in mother earth, and guardian of the animals that live upon her.

Ancient and powerful shape-shifter: The Spirit of the Jaguar is the gatekeeper to the unknowable, holder of the mysteries of the rain-forest, keeper of the circular time continuum, fertility and life itself.

The Spirit of the Jaguar:
Circles the path of truth
Walks the road of power & integrity. Works with direct perception, focus and intent.
Jaguar speaks: I process heavy hucha for humans and mother earth, I am a clearer of paths and in circling the road of truth I make way for empowerment.

Red Condor:
Circles the path of vision Sees truth behind the vision - illusion
Condor speaks: Call on me for illuminations. I am the guardian that circles the sacred citadel of Machi Pichu and I hold the memory of the ancient seed.

Machu Picchu:
Awakens the path of consciousness.
The spirit of Machu Picchu speaks; I am the vortex of light built on the double helix of light itself I connect human kind with the ancient seed race that lies in their DNA.

Mountain Apu:
Awakens the path of power, strength and tenacity The over lighting guardians spread light through power
Mountain Apu speak: we hold the matrix of life - itself, we are fierce challengers of human intent and integrity.

Double Helix:
Holds the balance for consciousness's shifts
The spirit of Double helix speaks: I am the stream of consciousness that holds the double helix in balance, I work with the DNA - change conditioned consciousness giving opportunities for change and growth, and hold the balance during major shifts in consciousness.

I am the declaimer of your birth-rite: �a being of wisdom, power and light�
Just as Jaguar spirit stalks silently and patiently, to then strike with lightning speed, though recapitulation, you too can reclaim energy and power compromised or lost during interaction with this life and before lives. The awareness of the importance of knowing when it�s best to take the solitary path, in stalking one�s own dreams becomes clearer and easier to manifest.

I am the re-integrator so that vision, strength and tenacity is regenerated
To shape-shift from the world of human duality and reach the still point of re-integration, re-empowerment, balance and divinity is all human spirits ultimate mission and birth-rite.

I am the protector during transformation
The protective canopy of the rain-forest is home to the Jaguar; call on Jaguar spirit for guidance and support during times of shift and transformation, to maintain integrity & power during the evolutionary processes on journey of this lifetime.
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