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Positive Change
Positive Change

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Helps support major change and the challenges associated with it so that the decisions you make are positive, forward moving and life enhancing.


Bottlebrush: Overwhelmed by major changes, support for all significant life’s transitions from birth to death.

Red Grevillea: Emotionally, blocked and stuck, negatively affected by criticism, cultivates independence and moving on.

Sturt Desert Pea: Releasing part emotional wounds and trauma, grief and deep seated sadness, supporting a fresh start and emotional ease.

Sturt Desert Rose: Held back by past regrets and guilt, compromising self esteem, supports integrity, and the courage to letting go of regret & allow change & growth.

Jacaranda: Tail- chasing, scattered due to overwhelm & being un-centred. Focused, centred & decisive follow through. Great aid in times of change when focus is needed.

Isopogon: Learning from repeating the sames mistakes and finding oneself in similar situations due to inattention or stubbornness

Paw paw: Overview, unresolved problems, lack of integration, overwhelm creates absorption & assimilation issues. Assimilation & integration, problems solved with clarity.

Southern Cross: Positive abundant mindset, letting go of past negativity & victim mentality, supporting empowerment.

Turkey Bush: Frustration due to blocked creativity. Supports focus , confidence to tap into creative expression inspiration.

Bauhinia: Thinking outside the box, for difficult with change, resistant and inflexible, encourages an open & flexible mind.

Christmas Bell: Manifestation of dreams into reality, eliminates belief in lack, and undeservedness.

Banksia Robur: Low energy levels, burnout after setbacks renews energy & enthusiasm. It takes energy to sustain change.

White Spider Orchid: Overwhelmed by sadness of life creating nervousness and anxiety encourages protection for over sensitivity of the gentle soul and a wider more philosophical world view. Protection in times of major change & transition.

Price: £7.08 (£8.50 inc VAT)

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