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Flowers of the Orient DNA decode/recode Kit
Flowers of the Orient DNA decode/recode Kit
BOUGAINVILLEA : Creates a direct re- connection with your spiritual self Encouragement for when you are flat line-ing in life, feeling disconnected and out of sync.When at times you can slip back into struggling with self limiting mind concept that we are a body with a spirit rather than a spirit with a body! SACRED BANYAN TREE: A decoder which helps to re build, re invent your selves. A decoder in order to re-code at the fundamental DNA level [ancient conditioned patterns] past life carry-overs Works on the frequency matrix that builds and dictates the unique nature & dance of our own DNA It encourages the ability to re think outside the box A fast acting essence which helps the cells to get the message That just because negative patterns are passed on for generations, doesn't mean it is set in stone. Ignites change, you can be the change you want to be & re generate, It actuates, helps to re build, re invent your selves, almost on a daily basis HIBISCUS: Calms the nerves, stabilizes the inner core With major shifts & change it’s crucial to keep the matrix of the nervous system stable, a flexible stability is needed. Calms the nerves, stabilizes the inner core, encourages the mind to take a rest Relaxing and cooling the nerves, recharging & refreshing , it maintains the integrity of the nervous system especially in times of stress and high demand. RED TORCH BUTTON GINGER: Regeneration & repatriation with spirit Regeneration & repatriation with spirit Taking back control & a re inspiration with ones unique role in this life Ignites the internal flame of the warriors strength and tenacity for life akin to the aboriginals Waratah in terms of the dynamism it enables. PARAKEET PARADISE FLOWER: Creates space for renewal and fresh hope Freedom, the apprentice at learning to fly. Giving oneself permission to fly free, flying free whilst hanging onto the thread of life, especially in relation to our unique direction and purpose in life. WHITE & PINK LOTUS: creates the totality of what it means to be a human spirit! Both white & pink Lotus resonate with the DNA & Blueprint of the human self The white connects with yang active human expression and the Pink connects with the yin receptive aspect of human expression Together they creates the totality of what it means to become a human spirit! WHITE ORCHID QUEEN OF THE NIGHT: re-connection with true self. Re-connection with the silver cords/gold threads of life and a powerful re-connection with the multi dimensional self. Enables being able to move more smoothly between the dimensions & realms and reclaim our rite as a multi dimensional multi “Being of light” WHITE SPIDER LILY: multi leveled protection during transition. Provides protection from deep within, an umbrella like form of protection. Strengthens the inner core & auric field, so that the energy spent in keeping up defenses can be utilized elsewhere. The subtle system can then adjust to a natural form of discernment which has a more refined and accurate filtering and protective ability. Softens the edges and dissolves over protectiveness as result of trauma and shock, and readjusts and soothes energy bodies, magnetizes the aura drawing in positive life sustaining Qi while providing multi leveled protection.
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