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Flowers of the Orient ORIGINAL Kit
Flowers of the Orient ORIGINAL Kit
Thailand, in its purest unadulterated form, is a deeply powerful and sensual land that calls to a woman’s inner beauty. The essences were made at a sacred site in beautiful gardens with pagodas dedicated to Quan Yin, the Chinese goddess of grace, beauty, love and femininity.

Flowers of the Orient are ‘Essences created especially for Women’

Frangipani (white) (Plumeria)
Awakens passion and joy. Boosts confidence, inner beauty, and feeling complete as a woman. Works on the sacred fire, awakens a passion for life, the joyousness of being a woman, calling to her inner beauty, bringing confidence in her beauty and feminine self. Feeling complete within herself. Frangipani returns her original state of purity and innocence, which is the true ‘spirit of woman’.

Hibiscus (Hibiscus)
Clears nervous stress, calms, cools and relaxes the nervous system. Invaluable for insomnia. Calms a woman’s inner core, works in the sphere of the nervous system. It penetrates through all the subtle anatomy, relaxing, refreshing and chilling out the nerve endings. Supports the chi of the nervous system helping to maintain the integrity of the nervous system’s network and strengthens the inner matrix that makes up a woman’s delicate structure, this being unique to a woman.

Orchid Queen (Orchidium altissimum)
Helps a woman to have a clear insight into her own unique nature and tap into the wonder of being a woman. The Quan Yin of essences. Helps to tap into free-flowing dancing, magnetic energy of the goddess within. A sacred essence, giving a clear insight into the nature of womanliness, and how it is expressed in her own unique way. It heals the female psyche, inspiring the wonder of being a woman, touching the heart and mind with joy and creating a soft strength.

Pink Lotus: "The flower of the heart "
The way of compassionate spirit and is some times known as the Lotus of the heart
Pink Lotus spiritualizes the heart chakra so perception is through the window of the heart. Adds warmth & compassion in interactions with others, enhances feelings of love, allowing the space for true intimacy to develop. Encourages spontaneity, a lightness of spirit which springs from a joyous heart, a joy that is to be shared.

Pink Orchid
Strengthens and stabilizes the inner core, expands the aura’s magnetism, tingeing it pink, it softens the edges, dissolving over-protectiveness allowing positive uplifting energies to infuse the auric field and enhancing attractiveness.

Water Lily (Nymphaeaceae)
For times of passion, balances sensuality/sexuality and spirituality. Combines night and day, warm balmy nights and hot summer days. For nights of passion. Soft flowing energy gently balances and blends the energy of the chakras especially the heart chakra, allowing a woman to be open to receive, yielding with softness and sensuality. Heightens touching, as well as encouraging the desire to express love through the sensuousness of touching. Guaranteed to send a shiver of delight throughout your partner’s entire body right down to his very toes.

Sacred Banyan Tree : A De-Coder in order to Re-code
Its use clears away the propensity for dis-ease encoded in the DNA, waken and ignites the cells, holds the pattern for healthy DNA. Fast acting, it actuates and rebuilds. It encourages “thinking outside the box”. Just because something has been “so” for generations, doesn’t mean it is set in stone. You can change, regenerate, re-invent ourselves, almost on a daily basis.

White Spider Lily: Multi-leveled protection
For the very sensitive who are just opening up more spiritually,
Provides protection from deep within spreading throughout the whole energy system. This essence is a strengthener which strengthens and rebuilds the auric field, so that all the energy originally spent in keeping up defenses can be utilized elsewhere.
Provides an umbrella like form of protection, especially whilst the subtle system needs adjusts to a natural form of filtering, which is a more refined and accurate filtering and protective ability. Dissolves over protectiveness gained through trauma and shock, and readjusts and re balances energy bodies, offers multi leveled protection.
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