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Flowers of the Orient COMBINATIONS Kit
Flowers of the Orient COMBINATIONS Kit
POSITIVE CHANGE: The Sacred Banyan Tree & Singapore Orchid
The Sacred Banyan tree embodies the qualities of inner strength, courage, and transformation, the essences can encourage thinking outside the box, just because a pattern has existed for generations it doesn’t mean its set in stone, You can change, regenerate, re-invent yourself daily. Designed for those who find themselves resistant to change, acts as a catalyst, a motivator, enabling a change of direction away from old unhealthy patterns and a positive movement forward towards productive patterns of emotional and physical health.

FEMALE Papaya flowers & fruit, Red Frangipani & Orchid Queen
Nourishes a woman’s femininity, balancing the hormonal levels as well as nourishing the reproductive area. Papaya is an excellent digestive aid, in normalizing blood sugar levels it dis-encourages the desire & craving for additive foods and encourages the body to find its natural balance and optimum weight. Helpful for general water retention but especially for edema in pregnancy.
Helps to reconnect with inner wisdom, encourages a radiant inner smile and a maturing sense of sensuality and feeling good about being a woman!

MALE VITALITY: Banana & Alma Kee Orchid
A potent male essences that encourages confidence in being a man, enhances vitality, and a sense of inner strength re empowering the “inner man”. This has a balancing effect on the hormones and nourishes the reproductive organs. A relaxation of the mind allows the body/mind to recharge and regenerate. So the spirit of optimism and rejuvenation can influence external life in a highly creative and positive way.

STRESS LESS: Hibiscus & Alma Keen Orchid
Calms the inner core, encourages the mind to take a rest. Works on relaxing and stabilizing the nervous system, cooling the nerves, recharging and refreshing. Supports the Qi of the nervous system helping to strengthen and maintains its overall integrity especially in times of stress and high demand on reserves. When the mind can relax the body/mind can recharge and regenerate and therefor stress less

CLEAR & DETOX Red Torch Ginger & Pink Powder Puff
Red Torch Ginger is a cleanser and multi-leveled detoxer, cleansing the mind and emotions, as well as the blood and lymphatic system, it has a beneficial effect on the liver.Emotionally it is a comfort in healing heart break and any personal relationship upset or trauma.

Pink Powder Puff cleanses the more subtle levels of the energy system clearing discordant energy, whisking away impurities
Creates space for renewal and fresh hope for the future.

ZEST & VITALITY: Pink Waterlily, Hibiscus & Alma Kee Orchid
Renews energy, zest & enthusiasm and instigates passion for life, particularly when feeling dis-interested and disconnected from all things that make “the Heart Sing”. So the spirit of optimism and rejuvenation can influence external life in a highly creative and positive way. This passionate re-connection will run though all daily interactions with others but partially in relation to our unique direction and purpose in life.

SHIELD & PROTECT: White Spider Lily & Pink Orchid: Multi-leveled protection
Provides protection from deep within, and an umbrella like form of protection. Strengthens the inner core & auric field, so that the energy spent in keeping up defenses can be utilized elsewhere. The subtle system can then adjust to a natural form of discernment which has a more refined and accurate filtering and protective ability.
Softens the edges and dissolves over protectiveness as result of trauma and shock, and readjusts and soothes energy bodies, magnetizes the aura drawing in positive life sustaining Qi while providing multi leveled protection.

SENSUALITY : Combination Essences Blend
Frangipani, Water Lily, Orchid Queen, Hibiscus and Pink Orchid.

Created in Thailand from exotic and sensual Orchids and flowers specially to encourage the passion and sensuality back into one’s life. With its silky smooth energy, it acts as a magnet that sets up a powerful vibration within the body and auric field. A subtle and harmonious blend of spirituality with sensuality. For extra effect use in combination with Spirit Lift Spritz.
Price: £40.83 (£49.00 Inc. VAT)

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