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Angelic Essence
Angelic Essence
This Essence helps us to become more open to receiving from on high, the Angelic tones of inspiration, love, awareness, communication, guidance and instruction. The Angels help us in all our activities, especially in work and service. This Essence enables one to aspire beyond the physical while keeping us connected to the mundane as well. It helps us realise that the spiritual exists in everything and to transcend the deceptive illusion of the physical. The Angelic Essence allows one to have closer contact with the Angelic realm. One can also invoke protection of an Angelic kind and of any specific Angel by taking this Essence.

Another aspect of the Angelic Essence is that it helps to connect you to and access all of the Earth's leylines and energy points. The Angelic Essence provides not only a key to ancient knowledge but also to future wisdom. On the emotional level this essence is for people with selective hearing, where there are many things they don't particularly want to hear - or see! This remedy removes the blockages which will result in them having to 'see and hear' everything, whether they like it or not!

The Angelic Essence also produces a sense of empowerment,especially in relationships and stressful situations by creating mental clarity. The remedy can alleviate and clear our past patterns and blockages, allowing us to respond in a more appropriate way rather than merely reacting.
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