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CONSULTATIONS with Clare G Harvey

Clare G Harvey is an internationally recognized authority on Flower Essences and has been a Flower Essence Consultant for over twenty years. A third generation healer, Clare was trained by her grandmother, herself taught by Dr Edward Bach creator of the famous Bach remedies
Clare helped her parents found Middle Piccadilly in Dorset, one of the first truly holistic residential Natural Healing Centres in the UK. She continues to give treatments at this award-winning centre known for the quality and excellence of its therapists and at the Centre for Complementary & Integrated Medicine, Upper Harley Street, London.

Clare has trained not only in healing and Flower Essences but also yoga, which she began teaching at the age of eighteen. In the following years she trained and gained expertise in seven other healing modalities including Chinese Medicine and now also teaches and lectures.

Your Personal Prescription

As we are all unique, it is important to have a personally prescribed combination of remedies that is accurately matched to your particular individual disharmonic pattern of ill-health. Not only does the therapy stand alone as an effective healing modality but is also highly recommended as a support to any other form of treatment you may be having. You will have an in-depth consulation with Clare who will ascertain the root of your specific problem and dispense the right combination.

  What Conditions Can Flower Essences Treat?

Flower Essences deal with all forms of stress and are able to reach the root of the problem no matter whether it manifests physically, mentally, emotionally, or spiritually.

Safe and effective for babies and children and especially in pregnancy where other treatments are not recommended.

Some conditions that can be treated are shown alongside. Please ask about others.

• Allergies (food and other related)
• Hayfever
• Addictions
• Anorexia
• Asthma
• Skin problems
• Depression
• Lack of confidence
• Insomnia
• Migraine and Headaches
• I.B.S.
• PMT, menstrual & menopausal
• problems
• Major life changes
• Clearing past negative relationships
• Lack of direction and purpose in life


Fees & Charges

First in-depth consultation 1 hr £85
Follow-ups 45min to 1 hr  £80

Remedy per bottle   £ 10
( 1 month course, a course is usually two bottles)

Consultations in London
Fridays 2-6 pm

For appointments
phone or text: 07778059660
or phone 01963 250031
email: claregharvey@btinternet.com

Where to go

Flower Remedy Clinic
Harley Street Osteopaths
Suite 14 (sixth floor)
102-105 Harley Street
London W1G 6AJ
0207 935 7835
or 077780 59660

Middle Piccadilly Natural Healing Centre
Holwell, Sherborne Dorset DT9 5EL
01963 23468



"Clare G Harvey has an amazing knowledge of flower essences, she tailor makes treatments using essences from all around the world, she has a well guarded celebrity client list."

Vogue Magazine - April 2002


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