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About Clare G Harvey

“Clare G Harvey has an amazing knowledge of flower essences and plant medicine” - VOGUE


Brought up in the the lush environment of Uganda, the garden & floral state of Africa, Clare was born into a family of Artists & Healers; her Grandfather was a Harley St Osteopath & Acupuncturist & Grandmother a naturopath.

Having been brought up naturopathically as a child, Clare’s interest in food and healthy eating and lifestyle stems from her father’s passion for cooking delicious but nutritious food, sourced from the fresh produce grown in his garden and drawn from French, Indian & African cuisines. It’s from this background she understood the important of food as a vital element in maintaining health and emotional balance.


  Modern day Alchemist and Flower Shaman : Flower essences & Healing

Trained in the art of flower essences by her grandmother,who in turn learnt from Dr Edward Bach, Clare studied Yoga at the age of 17 from in the Desikachar tradition & went on to teach others. She attended St Martins School of Art & Fashion and later trained in 8 other healing modalities, including Sound, Subtle Energetics and Chinese Medicine, and has studied with North & South American Shamans.

Sometimes referred to as a modern day alchemist and Flower Shaman, Clare is an internationally renowned authority on flower essences and healing plants

She is a successful author of seven books, consulted at the Hale Clinic, the Centre for Complementary and Integrated Medicine in Upper Harley Street, and now is a Harley Street Consultant and has here own Flower Essence Clinic, as well as in N Ireland.



 An eclectic career

A former model, artist and fashion designer Clare has had an eclectic career so far

Clare is an entrepreneur, innovator and pioneer in the field of complementary medicine & health

For over twenty years she has traveled the world to expand her knowledge and offer healing to a diverse international clientele.

As a business woman Clare has initiated a Natural Herbal & Chinese Medicine Company, an international flower essence company IFER and now runs her own integrated company and online business Floweressence CGH.

A teacher & lecturer she has run a Chinese Medical School for Shen Tao Acupressure and started the first International Flower Essence School : The IFVM and helped her parents set up a Natural Healing Centre in Dorset.



An Adviser & Educator to the Natural Health Retail Market


     As MD of Floweressence CGH which is dedicated to   integrating education within the retail market,

Clare has introduced flower essences to, supplied and trained major retail shops such as Nutri Centre/ Tesco, Neal's Yard, Revital, Wholefood, & As Nature Intended.

She launched her educational website designed to inform and educate www.flowersense.co.uk

Clare was on the Nutri Centre /Tesco Board of advisers as their Flower Essence Expert and is a leading light in the promotion of flower essences, generating increasing media attention and awareness through frequent appearances in the press, television and radio.

She has written the Flower Essence page for Lifescape Magazine, Yoga Mag, Daily Express etc & contributed to many periodicals and international newspapers, and is often quoted in Women & Health care magazines.

She has recently launched her own innovative skincare range, “Spirit of Beauty”, incorporating flower remedies from the Amazon, enabling women to feel truly fabulous about themselves.

 As well as creating “Flowers of the Orient”, a women’s flower essence range.  Lately Clare has developed and brought the Flower Essences of Australia range to the market


Published Works

The Encyclopaedia of Flower Remedies (Harper Collins/Harper San Francisco, 1995 & Watkins update, 2007 & 2015)


Principals of Vibrational Healing (Harper Collins, 1998)

Compendium of Flower Essences [IFER 2000]

Healing Spirit of Plants: An Illustrated Guide to Plant Spirit Medicine (Godfields Press1999/Sterling Publishing 2002)

Live Better Flower Remedies (Duncan Baird, 2006)

Flower essence section of Healing Plant Bible (Hamlyn Books, 2010)

The New Encyclopaedia of Flower Remedies (Watkins 2007) & The Practitioners Encyclopaedia of Flower Remedies (Singing Dragon: Oct 2015)









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The Practitioner's ENCYCLOPEDIA
of Flower Remedies

The definitive practical guide to their making & uses

by Clare G Harvey

LIVING BETTER: Flower Essences
a new book of remedies & inspirations for well-being

by Clare G Harvey