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We keep the following Flower Essences and related products in stock

»Flower Essences of Australia
»Spirit of Beauty
»Flowers of the Orient
»Sound Wave Essences
»Australian Bush Flower Essences

»Shamanic Jaguar Essences

Explore this unique set of essences and be taken on a journey with the the Jaguar.
»Other New Products

Nubian, Egyptian & African Essences

a new range of essence products created by Clare G Harvey

"experience the potency of flower essences originally discovered & used by the Aboriginals...»more

a modern day alchemist and Flower Shaman

Clare, who is a third generation healer, has had a flourishing consultancy on Harley Street, for over 20 years. A respected and proficient teacher, she is also an author whose works include the highly acclaimed "The New Encyclopaedia of Flower Remedies. Clare has also helped to develop Flower Essences of Australia "...»more about Clare

CHOOSE the Essence that is right for you:
Our Repertory helps you to find the right essence to help promote vitality and emotional well-being in any situation.... »more

LEARN more about Flower Essences: Our Encylopedia has valuable information about flower essences; their uses, production, history... »more
DISCOUNTS for PRACTITIONERS & RESELLERS: We offer 20-35% online discounts to Practitioners, Pharmacists, Healthcare retailers, etc. Contact us for details.»more CONSULTATIONS with CLARE G HARVEY: Your personal prescription tailor made by Clare G Harvey at her clinic in Harley St, London »more


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The Practitioner's ENCYCLOPEDIA
of Flower Remedies

The definitive practical guide to their making & uses

by Clare G Harvey

LIVING BETTER: Flower Essences
a new book of remedies & inspirations for well-being

by Clare G Harvey