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Eclipse Spritz
Eclipse Spritz

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A unique blend of frequency essences, essential oils, and sacred site essences: Designed to clear discordant and electromagnetic energy, uplifts, refreshes, fine tunes raising the overall vibration of the body and subtle anatomy.

Sizes available: 50ml & 100ml

A unique combination blend of frequency essences, essential oils, and sacred site energy essences from Machu Picchu, Palenque and the Pyramids of Guimar have gone into this special spritz. The spritz has a cleansing, uplifting and refreshing effect on the aura and subtle bodies. By clearing the subtle bodies electromagnetic field it enables one to move through energy smoothly and cleanly without picking up the residue and negativity that usually clings to the subtle anatomy through the daily interaction with discordant energies. One then feels clean, centered, protected and in control of ones personal space, facilitating clarity of thought and emotional calm. It aids by shifting the vibrational patterns of the body, fine tuning its frequency and generally raising its overall vibration. Aids meditation and attunment to ones higher self

Price: 9.13 (10.95 inc VAT)

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